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Disability Insurance for Dentists/Specialists

Every dentist needs a portable own occupation dental specific policy. The reason is an own-occupation dental specific policy provides your disability benefit if you can’t work as a dentist or dental specialist regardless of other income sources or employment (even if you’re able to work in another occupation). DEB Financial is independent of any specific insurance carrier (DEB Financial does not develop our own products), making our recommendations objective and transparent.  We simplify the process to help you find a risk management strategy tailored for you. We work with the major own occupation dental specific disability insurance carriers to help find disability coverage tailored specifically for you.

Anyone can be the victim of a disability but due to the high cost of education and high earning potential, it’s especially important for dentists and specialists to get a disability policy as soon as possible. You can save hundreds of dollars (in the form of discounts) simply by applying during dental school. However, you don’t have to finalize (pay) for the policy until you enter practice or residency (for at least 5 months).